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Section I: Monday, March 26, 2001

Section II: Tuesday, March 27, 2001

Session TIA: Prevention #1
Session TIB: Exercises, Education, and Training
Session TIC: New Carissa Case Studies
Session T1D: Research and Development #1
Session T2A: Prevention #2
Session T2B: Risk Assessment for Response Training
Session T2C: Case Studies with U.S. Implications
Session T2D: Models of Injury Using Historical Data
Session T3A: Risk Management
Session T3B: Planning and Preparedness Process
Session T3C: Inland Response
Session T3D: Bioremediation
Session T4A: Dispersants, Shorelines, and Alternative Countermeasures
Session T4B: Preparedness #1
Session T4C: Inland Issues
Session T4D: Biodiversity/Bioremediation

Section III: Wednesday, March 28, 2001

Session W1A: Health & Safety
Session W1B: Dispersant Use and Approval
Session W1C: Case Studies with International Implications
Session W1D: Research and Development #2
Session W3A: Risk Assessment for Response Training
Session W2B: Planning Processes Consistent With International Practice
Session W2C: In Situ Burning
Session W2D: Restoration Case Studies #1
Session W2A: Heavy Oils and Response Capability
Session W3B: Contingency Planning
Session W3C: Erika Case Studies
Session W3D: Scaling of Injury
Session W4A: Planning Capability
Session W4B: Worst Case Disasters
Session W4C: Erika Case Studies
Session W4D: Restoration Case Studies #2
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