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Front Matter

Section IV: Thursday, March 29,2001

Session TH1A: Geographic Information Systems and Mapping

Session THIB: Alternative Countermeasures

Session THIC: Liability and Cost

Session THID: Baseline Data

Session TH2A: Modeling

Session TH2B: Policy Planning Capacity

Session TH2C: Remote Sensing

Session TH2D: Hydrocarbon Analysis and Injury Assessment

Section V: Poster Presentations

Session Tl: Training/Guidance/Support Resources

Session T1: Incident Command/Spill Management

Session T2: Computer Technology and Oil Spills

Session T2: Perspectives, Updates, Logistics

Session T3: Dispersants

Session T3: CROSERF

Session Wl: Response Issues

Session Wl: Oil Spill Technology/Equipment

Session W2: Case Studies

Session W3: Alternative Countermeasures

Session W3–6: Oil Spill Effects

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