The environment is rapidly changing as we approach the end of Moore's Law scaling. Scaling continues but benefits in performance, power and cost are reduced. At the same time drivers for the electronics industry are impacted by the emerging Internet of Things and Migration to the Cloud. Satisfying these requirements of these emerging drivers cannot be accomplished with the current technology. It will require innovative heterogeneous integration approaches to satisfy demands for power, latency, bandwidth, reliability and cost in an environment where transistors will wear out.

Overcoming the limitations of the current technology will require heterogeneous integration using different materials, different device types (logic, memory, sensors, RF, analog, etc.) and different components incorporating multiple technologies including electronics, photonics, and MEMS in new, 3D, system-in-package (SiP) architectures. New materials, manufacturing equipment and processes will be required to accomplish this and meet the market demand for continuous reduction in cost per function. The requirements, difficult challenges and potential solutions will be discussed.

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