Reliability of wire bonds made with palladium-coated copper (PCC) wire of 25 μm diameter is studied by measuring the wire bond resistance increase over time in high temperature storage at 225 °C. Ball bonds are made on two bond pad thicknesses and tested with and without mold compound encapsulation. Bond pads are aluminum copper (Al-0.5%Cu), 800 nm and 3000 nm thick. The wirebonding pattern is arranged to facilitate 4-wire resistance measurements of 12 bond pairs in each 28-pin ceramic test package. The ball bonding recipe is optimized to minimize splash on 3000 nm Al-0.5%Cu with shear strength at least 120 MPa. Ball bond diameter is 61 μm and height is 14 μm. Measurements include bond shear test data and in-situ resistance before and during high temperature storage. Bonds on 3000 nm pads are found to be significantly more reliable than bonds on 800 nm pads within 140 h of aging.

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