MOCVD (Metal-Organic Chemical Vapor Deposition) copper metallization was developed on 300mm wafers, to fulfil 3D Through-Silicon Via (TSV) interconnect requirements. Using a fluorine-free organometallic precursor, the bis(dimethylamino-2-propoxy)copper (II) Cu[OCHMeCH2NMe2]2 at low temperature deposition, we developed a high purity, low stress copper film with strong adhesion to a TiN barrier layer. Argon was used as a carrier gas and H2 and/or H2O as a co-reactant. This MOCVD technique offers good conformality observed with 10μm×120μmTSVs. The thin copper seed layer was successfully integrated on 300mm wafers. A new XRD protocol was developed to characterize the copper seed layer along the TSV sidewalls, revealed higher microstructure quality, lower stressed in the case of copper film deposited by CVD compared to those deposited by i-PVD.

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