Energy & Eco-Sustainability using Pressureless Silver Sintering for RF Power Electronics

A virtually void free die attach was successfully achieved using a fixed but critical volume of Ag sinter paste by a process of pressureless sintering on a multi-axis cartesian style bonder, retro-fitted with with a high-speed jetting dispenser. While this process potentially offered an ideal combination of cost-effectiveness, control and speed, it required the development of additional software protocols to secure the level of performance demanded of the dispenser to meet exacting technical requirements. This proprietary adaptation we term “Fixed BLT” software, and over five test pieces we were consistently able to deliver a fixed height bond-line of circa 70% of bond height, translating as 50 um before sinter and 30 um after. In each case the result was a virtually bond free void secured in a timely, repeatable, commercially effective manner. The absence of voids was verified through industry standard non-destructive analysis utilizing confocal scanning acoustic microscopy (CSAM).

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