STMicroelectronics has teamed up with Boehringer Ingelheim microParts GmbH to develop the In-Check Lab-on-Chip microfluidic disposable cartridge. In-Check is a ST proprietary platform dedicated to the in-vitro molecular diagnostics, e.g. biological analysis based on nucleic acid targets such as DNA, RNA. Its first generation has been released to commercial applications such as virus or bacteria borne infectious diseases. The second generation described herein will further enhance the platform customer experience by means of an innovative design of its disposable component. Indeed the new format represents a substantial step forward in the system integration and easy-of-use. This advanced microfluidics package enables fully automated application protocols such as analyte and reagents input, management and disposal. In-Check cartridge is a plastic-based self-contained embodiment which integrates a variety of design elements and components, including liquid loading and waste reservoirs, connecting micro-channels, two sets of valves one set to tight-seal biochemical reactors and the other set for fluid routing, hydrophobic membranes, fluorescent read-out window. Such microfluidic platform married with integrated Micro Electo Mechanical System (MEMS) device and software algoritms provides a highly flexible system to run complex biological assays as RNA Reverse Transcription (RT), DNA Polimerase Chain Reaction (PCR), Probe Hybridization and Detection. This paper will present the disposable product concept, key components and functionality together with the design and manufacturing challenge.

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