The μPILR interconnect is a copper pillar manufactured as a part of a substrate pad. In this paper, we discuss the electromigration (EM) performance of Pb-free μPILR interconnects in a multi-pair daisy chain within 150μm pitch flip-chip packages. Electromigration performance of μPILR interconnects has shown a significant improvement and noticeably delayed electromigration induced failures. Voids initially begin to appear at Cu6Sn5 and solder interface on the die side, with eventual open failure due to excessive void formation along with a severe depletion of Cu Under Bump Metallization (UBM). No failure was observed on the substrate side of the interconnect regardless of the current direction. The enhanced performance of the μPILR interconnect along with other reliability benefits makes it an excellent alternative to conventional solder joints including thin film stack UBMs, thicker copper UBM as well as copper pillar on die.

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