In recent years, market demands on more functionality, smaller form factor and higher speed is becoming strong increasingly. In order to come up with those, many new technologies are emerging in the market. Among them, TSV and IPD are key enabling technology to meet market demands because TSV interconnection can provide wider bandwidth and high transmission speed due to vertical one compared to wire bonding technology and IPD can provide higher performance, more area saving to be assembled and small form factor compared to discrete passive components.

In this work, we have developed the silicon module with Cu filled TSV and LPF [Low Pass Filter] in combination with Inductor and MIM Capacitor integrated at the surface of silicon interposer. And also have made very small form factor package with less than 0.8mm in thickness including 2 chips mounted side by side at the silicon interposer.

In order to make silicon module with Cu filled TSV, we have evaluated and optimized via etch, thin-film deposition and via filling process which characterized a high uniformity via etch, good step-coverage and void-free at 200um in depth and 65um in TSV diameter at wafer-level. Furthermore, the IL [Insertion loss] of 0.14dB and 0.11dB for 3rd order filter and 5th order filter at 2.4 GHz respectively was achieved through both front-end process capable of high uniformity insulator deposition and back-end process capable of forming thick Cu RDL [Redistribution]. A good matching between measured value and simulated one using 3D simulator was achieved.

We are currently running component reliability tests for Preconditioning, TC, HTS and 85%/85. So test results will be discussed and submitted at the full manuscript.

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