A TSV test vehicle lot and 3D interposer demonstration lot were successfully fabricated and tested. Fabrication of the TSV test vehicle was accomplished using three process (mask) levels – front-side metal, backside TSV, and backside metal. The TSVs were formed using a vias-last approach with a nominal TSV size of 100μm, and an aspect ratio of 6:1. DRIE bottom clear process conditions were tested which produced 100 % yield on TSV contact chains with up to 540 vias. In addition, optimum process conditions resulted in a TSV resistance of 29 mΩ, and sufficient TSV isolation resistance (> 1MΩ) for the target application. The interposer demonstration lot incorporated five front-side metal levels, one TSV level, and two backside metal levels. The first four metal layers (M1-M4), utilized 2μm Cu and 2μm oxide layers. Metal layers M2-M4 were fabricated using a self-aligned dual damascene process. Each wafer in the demonstration lot had 4 MLM contact chain test structures, with 26400 vias per structure. On two wafers, 100 % yield was achieved on the MLM contact chains. For the dual damascene levels, average contact resistance per via was 4 mΩ. Functional testing was performed on two die from the demonstration lot (die size = 4 cm X 3.7 cm). Over 99 % of the functional nets (circuit paths) passed. Yield on large area test capacitors, tested at wafer level, exceeded 80 %.

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