New and novel organic-based composite materials for the use of embedded RF capacitors have been developed to address the important material issues by means of functional filler and resin chemistry. Combining different fillers with appropriate chemistries, the net composite can be made thermally stable while retaining the high dielectric constant and low loss. These composites attained dielectric constant of above 7 without compromising the quality factor in GHz frequency range. In addition, measurement of capacitance variation as a function of temperature (TCC) showed flatter TCC profile, resulting in TCC of ±30 ppm/°C over the temperature range −55°C to 125°C. It can be incorporated into organic chip package and, unlike ceramic-based LTCC they can utilize large area processing that is typical, and available in high volume manufacturing. This material is formulated for RF module designers to successfully implement embedded RF capacitors into their organic chip package designs and thus improve form factor, electrical performance and possibly reduce overall costs.

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