The ground surface perturbation lattice (GSPL) is proposed to suppress parallel-plate noise in mixed signal systems. The design concept of the GSPL structure consists of circular pads and multiple vias in order to enhance the bandwidth of the mushroom like EBG structure. The present paper investigates the usability of a miniaturized GSPL for noise/coupling mitigation in packaging applications. A sensitivity analysis of the bandgap region with respect to the position of the vias, the radius of the patch and the dielectric permittivity is performed. It is proven how several parameters allow shifting the band gap region and designing the power bus according to the desired specifications. The signal integrity (SI) is also investigated by considering a line routed from top to bottom layer and comparing the GSPL structure with a standard PWR/GND layer. Because of the absence of etched PWR/GND layer, it is demonstrated how the GSPL represents a viable solution for the noise mitigation in mixed signal applications.

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