Three Dimensional (3D) Packaging has become an industry obsession as the market demand continues to grow toward higher packaging densities and smaller form factor. In the meanwhile, the 3D die-to-wafer (D2W) packaging structure is gaining popularity due to its high manufacturing throughput and low cost per package. In this paper, the development of the assembly process for a 3D die-to-wafer packaging technology, that leverages the wafer level assembly technique and flip chip process, is introduced.

Research efforts were focused on the high-density flip chip wafer level assembly techniques, as well as the challenges, innovations and solutions associated with this type of 3D packaging technology. Processing challenges and innovations addressed include flip chip fluxing methods for very fine-pitch and small bump sizes; wafer level flip chip assembly program creation and yield improvements; and set up of the Pb-free reflow profile for the assembled wafer.

100% yield was achieved on the test vehicle wafer that has totally 1,876 flip chip dies assembled on it. This work has demonstrated that the flip chip 3D die-to-wafer packaging architecture can be processed with robust yield and high manufacturing throughput, and thus to be a cost effective, rapid time to market alternative to emerging 3D wafer level integration methodologies.

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