The simulation of the physical components semiconductor uses approximations varied depending on the type of devices to study and expected effects. Also, the systems obtained are rarely simple to solve. Numerically, the transportation problems are most difficult to discrete. It should also be noted that the problem is strongly nonlinear, coupling quantities very heterogeneous and are not at all in the same order of size. It should be noted moreover than the exploitation of the physical models can be conceived only if the computing times remain reasonable.

The physical model as simple implemented for HBT transistors is the model of drift diffusion. This model is given in the form of differential equations in partial derivatives, describing the physical behavior of charges and currents in each part of the device.

The objective of our work consists in studying the electronic properties of a heterojunction bipolar transistor based AlxGa1-xAs /GaAs, and the distribution of electric potential, of the field electric thus the concentration of the electrons and the holes.

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