Glass frit is a major component of thick film resistor (TFR) for the production of hybrid circuits. More than thirty commercial lead-free glass frits with different compositions have been evaluated for developing a lead-free thick film resistor that is compatible with typical industry thick film processing and has comparable electrical properties as the lead bearing counterpart. Two glass compositions were selected out of 33 candidates for preparation of RuO2 based TFR inks, which were screen printed on alumina substrates and fired at 850°C. The preliminary results of these resistors showed that the sheet resistance spanned from 400 ohms per square (Ω/□) to 0.4 mega-ohms per square (MΩ/□) with 5–15% RuO2 and the hot temperature coefficient of resistance (HTCR) fell in a range of ±350ppm/°C.

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