There are many different shielding technologies available for electromagnetic interference (EMI) shielding in radio frequency (RF) applications. We will investigate various EMI shielding technologies, one of which is RFMD's MicroShield Integrated RF Shielding technology's conformal plating process that encapsulates the device with a solid sheet of metal. This novel technology provides improvements in form factor, ease of use, and lower cost as compared to traditional shielding approaches.

We will compare ground designs within the substrate to determine maximum EMI shield performance. An examination of ground structures, layer grounding, and external ground connections will be analyzed. The test device structure will be comprised of a radiating element on the top surface of the laminate. A thorough look at the advantages and limitations between these different EMI grounding configurations will be discussed. This data will be used to quantify grounding effectiveness which will, in turn, be used to generate design guidelines.

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