A retrospective study of 105 dogs with neurological injury was conducted to evaluate the type and prevalence of complications encountered when treatment consisted of a high-dose corticosteroid protocol. All dogs were treated with high-dose prednisolone sodium succinate (HDPSS) (30 mg/kg body weight, administered intravenously [i.v.] q 6 hrs for 36 hrs). Thirty-five (33.3%) cases developed complications including diarrhea (n = 11), melena (n = 11), vomiting (n = 6), hematochezia (n = 3), hematemesis (n = 1), anorexia (n = 1), or a combination (n = 2). Most complications resolved without additional treatments after termination of the HDPSS therapy. None of the complications were considered serious, and none prolonged hospitalization.

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