The complications and mortality associated with anesthesia of dogs and cats in a university teaching hospital were determined. During one year, 2,556 dogs and 683 cats were anesthetized by the anesthesia service. Hypotension occurred in 179 (7%) dogs and 58 (8.5%) cats. Cardiac dysrhythmias occurred in 64 (2.5%) dogs and 12 (1.8%) cats. Transfusions were required in 31 (1.2%) dogs. Hypercapnea occurred in 33 (1.3%) dogs and one (less than 1%) cat. Hypoxemia occurred in 14 (0.5%) dogs. Anesthetic complications, as defined, occurred in 12.0% of dogs and 10.5% of cats, while deaths associated with the perianesthetic period occurred in 0.43% of dogs and 0.43% of cats.

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