A radiographic study of the humeral head, elbow joint, hip joint, stifle joint, tarsal joint, and lumbosacral (LS) junction was performed in 1,018 Labrador retrievers in search for humeral head, femoral condyle, and tarsal osteochondroses; elbow and hip dysplasias; and transitional LS vertebrae. The ages of all dogs reported were one year or older. Elbow dysplasia was detected as the most common lesion (17.8%), with a higher prevalence in the male dog. Hip dysplasia was the second most common lesion (12.6%) and was found equally in the male and female. Elbows and hips were often affected in the same dog (4.2%). Transitional vertebral segments were found more frequently in the female (4.2%) than in the male (1.0%), and the condition was thought to be inherited.

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