Arterial blood pressure measurements were obtained from 158 healthy Irish wolfhounds using the oscillometric technique to establish reference values for the breed. In contrast to other sight hounds, Irish wolfhounds have low arterial blood pressure. Mean systolic pressure for the group was 116.0 mm Hg. Mean diastolic pressure was 69.2 mm Hg, and the mean value for mean arterial pressure was 87.8 mm Hg. Blood pressure measurements were higher in older wolfhounds than in young dogs. There was no difference between systolic and mean arterial blood pressures in lateral recumbency compared to standing position. However, diastolic pressure was slightly lower when standing. Calm dogs had lower pressure than anxious wolfhounds. There was a significant interaction between the effects of age, gender, and mood on systolic, diastolic, and mean arterial blood pressure values.

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