The complete medical records of 60 dogs with hemoabdomen were reviewed. All dogs underwent exploratory laparotomy and had a diagnosis established by a veterinary pathologist. Final diagnoses were hemangiosarcoma in 38 (63.3%) dogs, splenic hematoma in 16 (26.6%) dogs, splenic torsion in three (5%) dogs, hepatocellular carcinoma in two (3.3%) dogs, and carcinomatosis in one (1.6%) dog. Twenty-four (63.1%) dogs with hemangiosarcoma, 14 (87.5%) dogs with splenic hematoma, three (100%) dogs with splenic torsion, and two (100%) dogs with hepatocellular carcinoma were discharged from the hospital. Dogs with hemangiosarcoma were given a poor prognosis, while dogs with splenic hematoma, splenic torsion, and hepatocellular carcinoma were given a fair to good prognosis.

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