A 7-month-old, 4.3-kg, spayed female bichon frise was referred for evaluation of chronic urinary incontinence. Abdominal radiographs revealed calculi within the right kidney and ureter. An ultrasound revealed a small right kidney. An abdominal computed tomography scan with contrast revealed that the left ureter was extramurally ectopic, inserting into the proximal urethra. A right intramural ectopic ureter was identified during cystotomy. Ureteronephrectomy was performed on the right, and ureteroneocystostomy was performed on the left. A telephone conversation with the owner 4 months after surgery revealed that the dog exhibited no evidence of urine dribbling, and urinary continence was maintained well on phenyl-propanolamine (1.75 mg/kg orally q 12 hours). This is the first report of successful surgical management of bilateral ureteral ectopia with concurrent, unilateral, renal dysplasia and urolithiasis

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