An English springer spaniel was presented for right-sided atrophy of the muscles of mastication, analgesia and paralysis of the face, and vestibular dysfunction. Neurological signs were consistent with a lesion involving the pons and rostral medulla resulting in deficits in the function of the trigeminal, facial, and vestibular nerves. MRI disclosed a right-sided extraparenchymal mass consistent with a trigeminal nerve sheath neoplasm that was compressing and invading the pons and medulla. Atrophy of the muscles of mastication, innervated by the trigeminal nerve, was also observed on MRI. Additionally, effusion was present in the ipsilateral tympanic cavity. Gross and microscopic evaluation of the right tensor veli palatini muscle (TVPM) was consistent with neurogenic atrophy. Effusion in the tympanic cavity was likely the result of an inability to open the auditory tube as a consequence of paralysis of the TVPM. Without the ability to open the auditory tube, gases present within the auditory tube and tympanic cavity may be absorbed, creating a negative pressure environment that leads to fluid transudation and effusion build up. To the authors' knowledge, this is the first report to document neurogenic atrophy of the TVPM with concurrent effusion in the ipsilateral tympanic cavity.

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