Demodex gatoi is a transmissible, short-bodied mite found in the stratum corneum of cats. It is known to cause moderate to intense pruritus, often manifested as self-induced alopecia and excoriations. 10% imidacloprid/1% moxidectina is a monthly, topical solution indicated for the treatment and/or prevention of fleas, heartworms, intestinal parasites, and ear mites. A household of cats was presented for pruritus that ranged from mild to severe in 8 of the 13 felines. The most common clinical signs included miliary-type papular dermatitis and focal areas of erythema associated with alopecia. Multiple skin scrapings of each animal revealed Demodex gatoi mites in only two cats. Weekly topical administration of 10% imidacloprid/1% moxidectin was used on all cats in the household for a total of ten doses. Skin scrapings following treatment were negative, and all cats in the house improved. Based on the successful treatment of this small number of cats, weekly application of 10% imidacloprid/1% moxidectin should be considered for the clinical resolution of cats affected by D. gatoi.

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