The objective of this study is to report on the short-term radiographic complications and bone healing associated with single-session bilateral tibial tuberosity advancements (TTAs). This retrospective study consists of 74 client-owned dogs with bilateral cranial cruciate ligament rupture that underwent consecutive single-session bilateral TTAs. Radiographs from 74 dogs (148 stifles) were evaluated for evidence of postoperative complications. One hundred forty-three of 148 stifles were scored for radiographic healing using a previously described scoring system. Variables evaluated for a relationship with radiographic complications and healing scores were: breed, age, body weight, sex, and TTA plate type. The overall radiographic complication rate was 17.6% (13/74). Twelve of the 13 radiographic complications were considered to be minor and one was major. Increasing body weight and use of a fork implant were statistically significant factors associated with an increased risk of complication. One hundred forty-three stifle radiographs met the inclusion criteria to be assessed for healing. The mean score was 2.96 out of 4.0. The overall radiographic complication rate and healing scores associated with single-session bilateral TTAs were found to be similar to those described for unilateral TTA.

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