A 10 yr old intact female German shepherd dog presented with a large peripheral odontogenic fibroma and malignant melanoma on her lower jaw. The tumor was resected with a unilateral subtotal rostral hemimandibulectomy. After the mandible was removed, it was devitalized intraoperatively by freezing it in liquid nitrogen. It was subsequently reimplanted. New bone tissue formed in the gap between the frozen bone and the host bone. The regenerated bone contained osteocytes, osteoblasts, and blood vessels. The cosmetic appearance of the dog was preserved. The dog had normal mastication. The malignant melanoma recurred rostral of the left canine tooth at 159 days after the reconstruction surgery. A subtotal hemimandibulectomy was consequently performed. This is the first reported case of mandibular reconstruction using a liquid nitrogen-treated autograft in a dog with oral tumors.

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