An adult female spayed dog was evaluated after inadvertently receiving a total dose of 1,750 mg oral cyclophosphamide, equivalent to 2,303 mg/m2, over 21 days (days −21 to 0). Nine days after the last dose of cyclophosphamide (day +9), the dog was evaluated at Perth Veterinary Specialists. Physical examination revealed mucosal pallor, a grade 2/6 systolic heart murmur, and severe hemorrhagic cystitis. Severe nonregenerative pancytopenia was detected on hematology. Broad spectrum antibiotics, two fresh whole blood transfusions, granulocyte colony stimulating factor, and tranexamic acid were administered. Five days after presentation (day +14), the peripheral neutrophil count had recovered, and by 12 days (day +21) the complete blood count was near normal. A second episode of thrombocytopenia (day +51) was managed with vincristine, prednisolone, and melatonin. The dog made a complete recovery with no long-term complications at the time of writing. To the author's knowledge, this is the highest inadvertently administered dose of cyclophosphamide to result in complete recovery.

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