Antiemetics are commonly prescribed during the treatment of canine parvoviral enteritis. This blinded, randomized prospective study compared the quality of clinical recovery and duration of hospitalization in canine parvoviral dogs receiving either maropitant (1 mg/kg [0.45 mg/lb] IV q 24 hr, n = 11) or ondansetron (0.5 mg/kg [0.23 mg/lb] IV q 8 hr, n = 11). All dogs were treated with IV fluids, cefoxitin, and enteral nutrition. Frequency of vomiting and pain scoring were recorded twice daily. Rescue analgesics and antiemetics were administered as dictated by specific pain and vomiting criteria. Clinical severity scoring, body weight, and caloric intake were monitored daily. When comparing dogs receiving maropitant versus ondansetron, respectively, there were no differences in duration of hospitalization (3.36 ± 0.56 versus 2.73 ± 0.38 days, P = .36), requirement of rescue antiemetic (3/11 versus 5/11 dogs, P = .66), duration of vomiting (5 versus 4 days, P = .65), or days to voluntary food intake (2 versus 1.5 days, P = 1.0). Results of this study suggest that maropitant and ondansetron are equally effective in controlling clinical signs associated with parvoviral enteritis.

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