The use of human generic amoxicillin–clavulanic acid formulations in veterinary medicine is currently lacking supportive evidence. This pilot study was conducted to determine preliminary pharmacokinetic parameters and relative oral bioavailability of a human generic and veterinary proprietary 4:1 amoxicillin–clavulanic acid formulation in healthy dogs to evaluate whether drug exposure was similar and to determine if further comparative investigation is warranted. Each dog received a single oral dose of each formulation containing 500:125 mg of amoxicillin–clavulanic acid at two separate instances with a 2 wk washout period between product administration. Following drug administration, blood was collected at fixed times over 24 hr to measure plasma amoxicillin and clavulanic acid concentrations using liquid chromatography–mass spectrometry. There were no statistically significant differences between pharmacokinetic parameters of either formulation. Clavulanic acid showed greater between-dog variation in drug exposure between formulations compared with amoxicillin and was also observed to be more variable within the veterinary proprietary formulation. The average relative oral bioavailability was 98.2% (23.6% coefficient of variation) for amoxicillin and 152.6% (64.3% coefficient of variation) for clavulanic acid between formulations. This pilot investigation supports the need for further bioequivalence studies regarding these formulations before commenting on product interchangeability.

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