A 1.5 yr old spayed female mixed-breed dog and a 3 yr old spayed female Labrador retriever were evaluated for suspected esophageal fishhook foreign bodies. Radiographs yielded fishhook foreign bodies present caudal to the cardiac silhouette. Endoscopic retrieval for suspected caudal esophageal foreign body was attempted and aborted due to inadequate visualization of the entire fishhooks within the lumen of the esophagus. At surgery, the fishhooks were seen within the caudal mediastinum, and were engaging the left caudal pulmonary artery. Manual fishhook extraction was performed successfully with minimal hemorrhage. Fishhook foreign bodies caudal to the cardiac silhouette may have vascular involvement. Clinicians should exercise caution when attempting endoscopic retrieval of fishhooks in this location.

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