A 3.5 yr old male neutered ferret presented with progressive enlargement of a right dorsocaudal skull mass that had occurred over 18 mo. Computed tomography imaging revealed a large (2.4 × 2.7 cm), well-defined, pedunculated osseous mass arising from the right parietal bone. Cytology was inconclusive, and surgical biopsy was consistent with an osteoma. Further enlargement of the mass occurred over the next 3 mo, at which time surgical intervention was pursued. The patient recovered well, despite the persistence of a bony defect at the former mass site, and no mass regrowth occurred in the 14 mo following the surgical resection. This is one of only two reports in the literature to document the surgical removal of an osteoma in a ferret, and this is the sole case in which a custom apparatus was fabricated for head stabilization, a multiaxis adjustable surgical table was used to improve access to the surgical site, and an ultrasonic scalpel was used for the mass resection.

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