This study aimed to retrospectively describe the clinical progression following diagnosis of iatrogenic hypocortisolemia (iHC) in 48 dogs receiving trilostane for pituitary-dependent hyperadrenocorticism. Cortisol concentrations were ≥1.5 mg/dL within 6 mo following diagnosis of iHC in 76.3% of dogs (95% confidence interval [CI] 59.8–88.6%). At the time of study completion, 25% of dogs (95% CI 13.6–39.6%) were receiving either glucocorticoids or mineralocorticoids or both; 42% of dogs (95% CI 27.6–56.8%) were on no adrenal-related medications; and the remaining 33% of dogs (95% CI 20.4–48.4%) were receiving trilostane. No patient-, clinicopathologic-, or trilostane-associated factors were identified to influence adrenal recovery following diagnosis of iHC, and it remains difficult to predict the clinical progression in this population of dogs.

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