Two adult cats were presented for coughing, gagging, dysphonia, exaggerated swallowing attempts, unilateral vestibular dysfunction, and/or Horner syndrome. In both cats, unilateral laryngeal paralysis was identified on the side ipsilateral to other neurological deficits. Cross-sectional imaging was consistent with otitis media/interna. In both cats, there also was extensive cellulitis surrounding the tympanic bulla and dissecting through tissue planes to involve the opening of the tympano-occipital fissure on the side ipsilateral to the laryngeal paralysis. Laryngeal paralysis was presumed secondary to involvement of the vagus nerve as it emerged from the tympano-occipital fissure. Antibiotic therapy resulted in resolution of clinical signs in both cats and restored laryngeal function as evidenced by visual examination of the larynx in one cat.

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