An adult domestic shorthair presented with obtundation, vestibular ataxia, head tilt, and visible evidence of facial injury following motor vehicle trauma. Plain radiographs and computed tomography imaging revealed a complete minimally displaced transverse fracture of the caudal aspect of the dens of the C2 vertebra and multiple minimally displaced cranial fractures. The dens fracture was managed with 8 wk of strict rest, followed by 4 wk of supervised activity at home. No external immobilization was performed. Neurological examinations at 8 days, 10 wk, and 9 mo following initial presentation were normal. Repeat radiographic and computed tomography examinations at 10 wk and 9 mo following the traumatic event demonstrated progressive and eventual complete osseous union of the fractured dens. To the authors’ knowledge, this is the first report of successful nonsurgical management of a traumatic dens fracture in an adult cat with documented radiographic and clinical resolution. This report suggests that nonsurgical management can be considered in such cats and that complete resolution with osseous union is feasible.

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