The objective of this study was to determine the complication risk and prevalence after phacoemulsification in cats with presumed congenital/inherited cataracts. Twelve client-owned cats were included in the study. This retrospective study spanned 13 yr and involved 22 eyes. The median age at the time of surgery was 15 mo (range: 4.5–168 mo of age). Recorded complications were 3 eyes developed postoperative ocular hypertension, 1 eye developed glaucoma, 7 eyes developed feline herpes virus-1 signs, and 7 eyes developed postoperative uveitis >2 wk after surgery. No eyes had developed intraocular sarcomas at the time of their last exam. All eyes remained visual at last follow-up (range: 0.5–121 mo). Success was defined as a comfortable and visual eye without intraocular neoplasia, glaucoma, a partial or complete retinal detachment, or uveitis that occurred >2 wk after surgery or persisted longer than 2 wk. Twenty-one out of 22 eyes had a successful outcome. In this study, cats with presumed congenital/juvenile cataracts who underwent phacoemulsification had an excellent outcome.

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