A recessed vulva is a conformational abnormality that predisposes affected dogs to urinary tract infections. An episioplasty can be recommended for correction of this abnormality when medical management of recurrent urinary tract infection fails. The objective of this study was to investigate the type and incidence of urogenital abnormalities visualized by cystoscopy in dogs presenting for episioplasty. Medical records of 29 dogs that presented for an episioplasty and had a concurrent or prior cystoscopy were reviewed. Eleven of the 29 dogs had urogenital abnormalities diagnosed on cystoscopic evaluation, and 1 dog was diagnosed with a urogenital abnormality during vaginal examination while under general anesthesia. Ten of the dogs with urogenital abnormalities had a corrective procedure performed, 8 of which were cystoscopically assisted. Cystoscopy provides the ability to directly visualize the urinary tract and obtain samples for biopsy and culture and facilitates correction of some anatomic abnormalities that may predispose the patient to developing recurrent urinary tract infections. Cystoscopy should be considered as a routine part of a thorough evaluation of the urinary tract in cases presenting for episioplasty.

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