A 2 yr old castrated male shih tzu was presented for assessment of worsening chronic snoring since first detected at 3 mo of age. An upper respiratory endoscopic examination and a computed tomographic scan showed a well-circumscribed, fluid-filled nasopharyngeal mass located in the median plane on the nasal side of the soft palate. This lesion was removed using a ventral approach to the nasopharynx by blunt-sharp dissection from the submucosal tissues of the soft palate. Histopathology revealed a cystic lesion lined by a single layer of a pseudostratified columnar ciliated epithelium, characteristic of a pharyngeal cyst. Follow-up 5 mo after surgery revealed complete resolution of the clinical signs with no evidence of local recurrence. Pharyngeal cysts are developmental abnormalities of the branchial apparatus. Most derive from the second branchial arch and cause cysts, sinuses, and fistulae to develop in the neck region. In our case, the lesion was located in the nasopharynx, leading to snoring and exercise intolerance. This condition should be included in the differential diagnosis of suspected nasopharyngeal obstruction.

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