A 1 yr old castrated male shih tzu was referred for recurrent urinary tract infections (UTI), prostatitis, and urine dribbling that was not responsive to medical management. Physical examination and computed tomography scan revealed a micropenis with a disproportionately high prepuce-to-penis ratio. Preputial shortening with a hexagonal, full thickness preputial resection followed by preputial anastomosis was performed. The dog recovered from surgery with no complications. Urine dribbling persisted in the short-term postoperative period, but the patient achieved significant clinical improvement and resolution of his urine dribbling and recurrent UTIs at the 1 yr follow-up. In conclusion, this surgical technique was able to successfully restore quality of life in a dog with a micropenis, and preputial shortening should be considered in cases of recurrent UTIs where there is significant disparity between the size of the penis and the prepuce.

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