Endoscopy is widely used to remove gastric foreign bodies using grasping forceps and loop snares to manipulate and retrieve the foreign material. However, as not all foreign bodies can be removed using conventional endoscopic techniques, this case series describes the use of bottle liners for the removal of gastric foreign bodies in 12 dogs between 2020 and 2023. A 4 oz bottle liner (Drop-Ins) was placed at the end of the endoscope and pushed into the stomach. With the help of forceps introduced into the operating channel, the foreign body was pushed into the bottle liner. The bottle liner containing the foreign body was then extracted with the help of traction threads. The technique was used as the initial retrieval method in 5 dogs because of smooth (i.e., difficult to grasp) or sharp (i.e., that may damage the digestive tract mucosa during removal) foreign bodies and as a rescue procedure in 7 dogs. Foreign body retrieval was successful in all 12 dogs, with minor complications reported in 5 dogs (erosions and bleeding of the gastroesophageal sphincter). The use of a bottle liner represents an affordable alternative to gastrotomy when foreign bodies cannot be grasped with forceps or snares.

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