This report describes a unique case of thoracic vertebral canal stenosis and vertebral instability in a 1 yr old Minuet cat. The cat presented with a history of chronic progressive nonambulatory paraparesis. Myelography with neutral and stress positions revealed dynamic compression at T1–4. Computed tomography and MRI revealed multiple sites of vertebral endplate osteolysis, adjacent bone sclerosis, intervertebral disk space narrowing, and spondylotic bridging within the cervical and cranial thoracic vertebral bodies and pedicles, particularly at C6–T4. The cat underwent a right-sided T1–4 hemilaminectomy and C7–T4 vertebral stabilization using positively threaded profile pins and polymethylmethacrylate. The cat fully recovered without any complication. The case highlights the potential for young cats, especially those with a chondrodysplastic condition, to develop vertebral canal stenosis and vertebral instability. The surgical treatment described herein resulted in an excellent outcome.

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