An 8 yr old male German shorthaired pointer was presented on July 4, 2022, for acute abdominal and testicular pain. The dog was vasectomized at an unknown age under the care of his previous owners. The dog had an enlarged, painful left testis, scrotal edema, and an enlarged, nonpainful prostate. Abdominal ultrasound revealed mild peritoneal and retroperitoneal effusion, orchiepididymitis, enlarged ductus deferentes and testicles, and suspected benign prostatic hyperplasia versus prostatitis. Peritoneal effusion cytology revealed seminoperitoneum with marked neutrophilic inflammation. Peritoneal effusion aerobic culture and Brucella canis rapid slide agglutination test were negative. The dog was hospitalized overnight with IV antibiotic therapy and analgesics. The following day, the dog’s abdominal pain, testicular pain, and scrotal edema were resolved. The dog was discharged and castrated after completion of antibiotic therapy and complete resolution of clinical signs. Testicular histopathology results were not available. Seminoperitoneum is uncommon in dogs and is a rare diagnosis for dogs with acute abdominal pain. This is the second known reported case of a seminoperitoneum in a vasectomized dog.

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