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Institutional Subscriptions

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For the most part, an Institutional Online Subscription authorizes use at a localized site. A "site" is an organizational unit, and it may be academic or nonacademic. For organizations located in more than one city, each city office is considered a different site. For organizations within the same city that are administered independently, each office is considered a different site.

For example, each campus in the State University of New York system is considered a different site, and each branch or office of UpJohn Laboratories is considered a different site.

Individuals who are not AAHA members may subscribe at the Individual (Non-Member) level or at the Institutional level, or they may want to consider applying for AAHA membership.

Ordering Procedure

Subscribing to JAAHA online is a two-step process:

First, you must follow your usual "new serial" ordering procedures to subscribe to JAAHA, ISSN 1547-3317. Payment should be made to your subscription agent or directly to AAHA.

Second, once your serial vendor or AAHA has received payment, you will receive a letter with instructions for obtaining access to the World Wide Web edition; the email will direct you to an online form. You will be asked to provide the following information necessary to activate your subscription to JAAHA Online:

Institution's IP Address(es)

Contact name, title, phone, fax, and email

Customer number (included with the email)

We will send you the address of this Web form and instructions for filling it out after we verify payment. Your institution will not have access to the full JAAHA online until you complete this second step.

If you are having access problems...

Access to JAAHA is now restricted to AAHA members and subscribers to the Journal. A email has been sent out instructing subscribers on how to sign on to the online Journal. If you are having difficulties accessing the material, please call us at 800-883-6301 or 303-986-2800 or fax us at 303-986-1700 and we will try to assist you. Make sure that the subscription ID number we provided you with is available.

We are doing our best to accommodate you. Thank you for your assistance and understanding.

  American Animal Hospital Association
  12575 W. Bayaud Ave.
Lakewood, Colorado, USA 80228
Email: [email protected]
Member Experience Team: 800-883-6301
Phone: 303-986-2800
Fax: 303-986-1700
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