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$1,500 per webinar: AMCA webinars are live, 1-hour, web-based seminars that cover the latest industry hot-topics. Sponsors of webinars receive recognition during the promotion of the webinar via email, website, and during the presentation.

Sponsor benefits include:

- Promotional emails for the webinar which include sponsor acknowledgement.
- AMCA will display sponsor logo on the webinar platform for duration of the webinar. Sponsor to provide company logo. No product names or product logos may be used.
- Webinar moderator will thank the sponsor at the beginning and end of the presentation.
- AMCA and/or speaker may use a disclaimer statement indicating that neither party endorses a specific product.

Email Sarah Austin at for more information.


Homepage Banner: $900 for 3 months

A sponsor provided banner ad will be showcased on the homepage of the new homepage. Sponsor message will remain on the homepage for 3 months and will link to the sponsors website. Size: 728 x 90

Website Sponsor: $2,100
Sponsor logo will appear at the bottom of the website for the full calendar year. Receive visibility all year round!

Email Kate Peyser at for more information.


Bi-weekly E-Newsletter Banner Ad: $1,300 | 1 ad per month and goes out twice a month
AMCA distributes a bi-weekly e-newsletter. This is an electronic newsletter showcasing the latest member news of the AMCA, legislative updates, and a member spotlight.

Bi-weekly E-Newsletter Ad (Placed under latest news): $800 | 1 ad per month and goes out twice a month. Size: 360px x 140px

Mosquito Quarterly Newsletter: $4,000 | Full page ad 8.5 x 11 | 1 ad per issue

$2,000 | Half page ad 4.5 x 7 | 1 ad per issue

The quarterly newsletter is published on the AMCA website and sent via email to more than 1,600 AMCA members and posted to social media. Features updates from various committees and board members. It is published every January, April, July, and October.

Email Kate Peyser at for more information.


Beginning with Vol. 34, AMCA will be publishing the Journal of the American Mosquito Control Association (JAMCA) in an online open access format. With JAMCA moving to open access, the journal will be open to the public and free of charge. AMCA will continue using the current publisher, Allen Press, to offer this format to both AMCA members and non-members. The journal will be accessible through the AMCA website and will launch with the first issue of Volume 34.

Journal advertising will now be offered in an online only format. See below for the different placements offered.

Email for more details!

 Ad Space  Description Monthly Rate

 Quarterly Per Issue (3 months)
1. Mar/Apr/May
2. Jun/Jul/Aug
3. Sept/Oct/Nov
4. Dec/Jan/Feb

(12 mths)
Homepage  Leaderboard Ad, 728 x 90, top of every page, sitewide    $600  $1600  $6000
Homepage  Leaderboard Ad, 728 x 90, bottom of every page, sitewide    $550  $1550  $5500
 Homepage Medium Rectangle Ad, 300 x 250, under features and info    $400  $1100  $4000
Table of Contents  Medium Rectangle Ad, 300 x 250, upper right side    $300  $750  $2600

Interested in advertising across AMCA’s publications? We are happy to customize a sponsorship package for you. Email .

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