There is no information available in the medical literature regarding emergency medical training in the podiatric medicine predoctoral curriculum. This study was undertaken to describe the current state of emergency medical training in US schools of podiatric medicine.


A Web-based descriptive survey was developed to assess course logistics, the curricular topics covered, and the teaching methods used. All of the US schools of podiatric medicine were surveyed.


Completed surveys were returned from all nine schools. All of the institutions incorporate training on the management of medical emergencies into their predoctoral curricula. Four schools (44.4%) reported initiating this training before 2000. All of the schools incorporate a didactic (lecture) component, and eight (88.9%) incorporate a clinical (hands-on) component into their training.


All of the schools of podiatric medicine in the United States incorporate emergency medical training into their predoctoral curriculum. However, despite some similarities across institutions, there seems to be variation regarding curricular topics, didactic teaching, and methods of teaching the material.

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