Onychocryptosis is a common pathology treated by podiatry medical services, and in a considerable percentage, surgical procedures are required to achieve a solution. There are multiple surgical approaches for ingrown toenails, both incisional procedures and nonincisional procedures, such as chemical matrixectomies and physical matrixectomies using carbon dioxide laser. This study presents a surgical procedure for onychocryptosis using a physical matrixectomy with a 1064-nm laser applied by means of a 400-μm optical fiber and surgical removal of the posterior cauterized tissue to achieve healing by primary intention. This technique was performed on 30 patients with onychocryptosis affecting the great toe (Mozena stages I and IIa), and all of the patients were followed up postoperatively for 12 months. The patients reported minimal postoperative pain, quicker surgical postoperative healing, rapid return to activities of daily living, and minor postoperative recurrence compared with previous studies using incisional procedures and chemical matrixectomies.

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