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Research Article February 24 2021
More Specialties, Less Problems: Using collaborative competency between Infectious Disease, Podiatry, and Pathology to improve the care of patients with diabetic foot osteomyelitis
Research Article February 22 2021
Mechanobiology and Adaptive Plasticity (MAP) Theory as a Potential Confounding Factor in Predicting Musculoskeletal Foot Function
Research Article February 22 2021
The Quality Analysis of Hallux Valgus Videos on YouTube
Research Article February 8 2021
Foot Manifestations in a COVID-19 Positive Patient: A Case Study
Research Article February 3 2021
Functional Bandaging in Children with Idiopathic Toe Walking
Research Article February 3 2021
Direct Endovascular Revascularization Based on the Angiosome Model Reduces Risk of Major Amputations and Increases Life Expectancy in Type 2 Diabetic Patients with Critical Limb Ischemia and Foot Ulceration
Research Article January 19 2021
Opioid-Free Recovery from Bunionectomy with HTX-011, a Dual-Acting Local Anesthetic Combining Bupivacaine and Meloxicam, as the Foundation of Non-Opioid Multimodal Analgesia
Research Article January 4 2021
A safety and effectiveness evaluation of a callus softener containing potassium hydroxide
Research Article December 23 2020
The Painful Bipartite Medial Cuneiform: A Case Report
Research Article December 1 2020
Clinical Outcomes and Return to Sport After Minimally Invasive Reconstruction of the Lateral Ligament Complex with Semitendinosus Tendon Autograft in Chronic Lateral Ankle Instability
Research Article November 23 2020
Efficacy of Intra-Lesional Platelet Rich Plasma in Diabetic Foot Ulcer
Research Article November 17 2020
Research Article November 13 2020
Medium-term Outcome of Chevron Osteotomy for hallux valgus correction in a Spanish population: radiological clinical parameters and patient satisfaction.
Research Article November 10 2020
Past as Prologue: The Effects of the COVID-19 Economic Downturn on Medicaid Coverage for Podiatry Services
Research Article November 3 2020
Diabetes-related major and minor amputation risk increased during the COVID-19 pandemic
Research Article November 3 2020
Diabetes-related Amputations: A Pandemic within a Pandemic
Research Article November 2 2020
Are surrogate markers for diabetic foot osteomyelitis remission reliable?
Research Article November 2 2020
Incidence and Recovery of Acute Kidney Injury in Diabetic and Non-diabetic Patients with Foot Infections
Research Article November 2 2020
Presence of Sensory Neuropathy Modifies the Predictive Value of Inflammatory Biomarkers for Osteomyelitis in Diabetic and Non-Diabetic Patients with Foot Infections
Research Article November 2 2020
A Comparison of Pathogens in Skin and Soft Tissue Infections and Pedal Osteomyelitis in Puncture Wound Injuries Affecting the Foot
Research Article October 21 2020
Inaccuracy of Forefoot Axial Radiographs in Determining the Coronal Plane Angle of Sesamoid Rotation in Adult Hallux Valgus Deformity. A Study using Weight-Bearing CT Scanning
Research Article October 13 2020
Proposed Mechanism of Action of Topically Applied Autologous Blood Clot Tissue: A Quintessential Cellular and Tissue Based Therapy
Research Article September 15 2020
Effects of Orthotic Insoles on Gait Kinematics and Low Back Pain in Subjects with Mild Leg Length Discrepancy
Research Article September 14 2020
Relationship Between Recurrent Adductus Deformity of the Forefoot and Achilles Tendon Elongation Following Ponseti Treatment in Children with Idiopathic Clubfoot
Research Article September 10 2020
Pediatric Delayed Union in the Presence of WAGR Syndrome
Research Article September 10 2020
Accompanying Injuries of Ankle Joint Among the Fifth Metatarsal Basis Fractures
Research Article September 10 2020
Rare Osteochondroma of the Posterior Talar Process: A Case Report
Research Article August 10 2020
Staged Surgical Management of Open Navicular Fracture Secondary to a Gunshot Injury
Research Article August 10 2020
The Association Between Foot Posture and Foot Kinematics during Slow Running
Research Article August 10 2020
18 and 70 MHz Ultrasonography of Actinomycetoma correlated with Clinical and Histological Findings
Research Article August 5 2020
Utilization of Interpreter Services among Farsi Speaking Podiatric Patients and Adherence to the Pain Management Plan
Research Article July 27 2020
Can total joint arthroplasty be safely performed in patients with chronic kidney disease?
Research Article July 27 2020
Ensuring Quality Care in the COVID-19 Era: Applying the Donabedian Model to Tertiary Wound Care Center Practices
Research Article July 22 2020
Plantar Pressure Profiles and Possible Foot Syndromes of the Taiwanese College Elite Basketball Players
Research Article July 22 2020
Gender Correlation to the Prevalence of Pedal Neuromas in Various Interspaces - A Retrospective Study
Research Article July 22 2020
Research Article June 25 2020
Absence of post-traumatic bone marrow edema in the setting of preeclampsia
Research Article June 22 2020
N95 Usage During the COVID-19 Pandemic
Research Article June 2 2020
Covid-19's Impact on Podiatry in Chicago's Largest Public Hospital
Research Article April 20 2020
Addressing the Question of Dermatologic Manifestations of SARS-CoV-2 Infection in the Lower Extremities: A Closer Look at the Available Data and its Implications
Research Article March 25 2020
All Feet On Deck—The Role of Podiatry During the COVID-19 Pandemic: Preventing hospitalizations in an overburdened healthcare system, reducing amputation and death in people with diabetes
Research Article November 1 2019
Reduction in Diabetes-Related Major Amputation Rates After Implementation of a Multidisciplinary Model: An Evaluation in Alberta, Canada
Research Article October 24 2019
Optimization of Ultrasound-Mediated Drug Delivery for Treatment of Onychomycosis
Research Article October 18 2019
Are Biomechanical Features of the Foot and Ankle Related to Lumbopelvic Motor Control?
Research Article September 24 2019
Arthroscopic Evaluation of the Subtalar Joint: a Review and Survey of Pathology
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