Femoroacetabular impingement syndrome (FAIS) causes pain and functional limitations. Little is known regarding walking characteristics, volume and intensity evaluated in laboratory and free-living conditions and whether these measures differ between those with FAIS and uninjured individuals.


To examine the differences in laboratory gait measures and free-living step-based metrics between individuals with FAIS and uninjured control participants.


Comparative, cross-sectional study

Patients or Other Participants

We enrolled 25 participants with FAIS and 14 uninjured controls

Main Outcome Measures

We evaluated laboratory spatiotemporal gait measures (cadence, velocity, step length, stride length) during self-selected and fast walking speeds using an instrumented walkway. Participants then wore an accelerometer around the waist during waking hours for 7 consecutive days. Free-living step-based metrics included average daily steps, peak 1- and 30-minute cadence, and average daily time spent in walking cadence bands. We compared laboratory gait measures and step-based metrics between groups.


The groups did not differ in laboratory spatiotemporal gait measures during both speeds (all p>0.05). The FAIS group took fewer daily steps (5,346±2,141 vs. 7,338±2,787 steps/day; p=0.030) and had a lower peak 1-minute (92.9±23.9 vs. 119.6±16.3 steps/min; p<0.001) and 30- minute cadences (60.9±27.1 vs. 86.8±22.4 steps/min; p=0.003) compared with uninjured controls, respectively. The FAIS group also spent less time in slow (6.0±3.6 vs. 10.3±3.4 min/day; p=0.001), medium (4.5 + 4.2 vs. 8.9±4.4 min/day; p=0.005), and brisk/moderate (4.5±6.2 vs. 12.2±10.3; p=0.020) cadence bands compared with uninjured controls.


Considering only clinical/laboratory gait measures may not be representative of real- world walking-related PA behavior in individuals with FAIS.

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