Athletic trainers are increasingly utilized in non-traditional settings, such as in law enforcement, where they can contribute to healthcare management, including concussion management of law enforcement officers (LEOs). Despite the prevalence of concussions among LEOs, there is a notable gap in concussion management guidelines for this population. LEOs may lack the education and resources necessary for concussion recognition and proper management. Drawing on advancements in concussion management in athletes and military personnel, here we present a comprehensive framework for concussion management in LEOs encompassing concussion education, a graduated return to duty (RTD) protocol, and considerations for implementation and documentation specific to law enforcement. We also present several barriers and facilitators to implementation. Due to job requirements, it is critical for law enforcement organizations and their medical providers to adopt a concussion management strategy. Without proper concussion management, LEOs may risk subsequent injury and/or suffer from prolonged recovery and adverse long-term outcomes.

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