Objective: To review the work-life interface literature from the sport industry, especially focusing on coaches, athletic trainers, athletes, and other sport personnel.

Data Sources: Studies were identified utilizing SPORTDiscus, PsychINFO, and Google Scholar. Sample search terms included “Work-Family Balance,” “Work-Life Balance,” “Work-Family Conflict,” “Work-Life Conflict,” “Work-Family Enrichment,” and “Work-Life Enrichment.” These search terms were used in different combinations and configurations in the search process.

Study Selection: Included studies were peer reviewed journal articles, with primary data collection, and published in English. The articles also examined some aspect of the work-family interface in relation to the sport industry.

Data Extraction: Initial searches returned 110 articles. Twenty-one initial articles were removed for lack of focus on the sport industry, were a duplicate, or focused outside the work-life interface in sport. This left 89 articles for a full analysis. From here, an additional 20 articles were removed for not collecting primary data or focusing outside the study purpose. Finally, 69 articles were included in the scoping review.

Data Synthesis: The theoretical framework, study population, population region, methods, article focus, and findings from the article were all recorded. Articles were then grouped based on population study focus (e.g., athletic trainer, coach, other).

Conclusions: The results suggest primary interests are on athletic trainers and coaches, primarily with work-life balance and work-life conflict. Less attention is paid to international participants, athletes, and topics related to work-life enrichment. The field will continue to progress as additional populations and perspectives are brought into the literature. Furthermore, additional emphasis on positive organizational behavior, such as work-life enrichment and life-work enrichment, will move the literature forward and answer useful questions with both theoretical and practical outcomes.

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