Introduction: Psychometrically sound instruments are needed to accurately track treatment effectiveness and assess quality of patient care. The Disablement in Physically Active Scale Short Form-10 (DPAS-10) was developed as a more parsimonious version of the DPA Scale to assess disablement in the physically active. Psychometric assessment of the DPAS-10 has not been completed; specifically, scale properties must be assessed in a sample of individuals who only respond to the 10-item scale at multiple time points.

Objectives: To assess the psychometric properties of the DPAS-10 using confirmatory factor analysis (CFA) and invariance procedures across multiple time points.

Methods: Confirmatory factor analyses and longitudinal invariance tests were conducted.

Results: The DPAS-10 met contemporary fit index recommendations and demonstrated longitudinal invariance; however, localized fit issues suggest further modification is needed.

Conclusion: Adoption of the DPAS-10 into widespread clinical practice and research is not recommended until further psychometric testing and scale modification is performed.

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